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Rising Insurance Cost

Want to increase profits? Dealing with frustration over higher insurance premiums? If you could, would you want to get all the potential credits underwriters are able to provide? 

You're likely not getting that savings right now.​ But we can change that.​ We know you want reduce employee turnover, find talented staff, and if you're a hotel owner increase revenue per available room (REVPAR) amongst other things.

That's exactly where we come in.

You see, at Risk Advisors of America, we take a different approach with our clients, providing them with a blue print of the risk management services we'll performance over a 36 month period.  It's an approach that starts before the risk transfer process to the insurance carriers. Insurance is just the beginning to our RiskAdvisor360 approach! 

How We Use A Smarter Approach

Our team understands that most agencies do a great job transacting insurance.  The typical insurance agencies provide their clients with outstanding customer service and claims processing.  Some even get the insurance carrier involved with risk management concerns of the clients.  Like your  current agency we provide industry leading customer service and claims management, the difference, however, is our approach.  It starts with designated claims and risk management departments not your account manager having to wear many hats.  This comes along with our proprietary system that handles >>>

  1. Incident reporting (keeps entire team on the same page from incident to claim)

  2. OSHA reporting and record keeping

  3. Real time analytics (make better decisions)

  4. Document management (handbooks, procedure manuals, checklist, ins policies, etc)

  5. Certificate of insurance tracking (risk transfer)

  6. E-learning

And much more!

The Benefits of Risk Advisors

We help our clients establish a corporate culture throughout the entire organization with a focus on risk management.  

Our online system makes things much easier to manage. In fact, our online system provides real time analytics on which locations are having loss frequency and severity, what’s causing the losses to happen, top hazards by location and overall detailed claims analysis. 


The data we provide you with is always accessible and extremely useful. Insurance carriers tend to be way more forgiving of losses if a risk management plan is in place.  This is one of the reasons why 80% of decision makers choose Risk Advisors of America after our initial capabilities presentation.  


Some other benefits, you ask?

- Quickly work towards reducing your daily stress
- Actively run your safety committees
- Free up more of your time
- Effortlessly increase employee morale
- Swiftly create a safe and enjoyable environment for guests

And much more!

At the end of the day, happy guests and employees, equals higher customer satisfaction, which equates to more money for you and your company.

Make The Decision To Let Us Save You

Time & Money

Be strategic with your approach to protecting your company assets.  All insurance agencies are not created equally and a majority do not understand how to help clients address the underlying risk management issues that companies face daily. 

Insurance costs are driven by an effective risk management program. 


This means that the last thing you want to do is choose a transactional and generalist insurance agency.


That's why you should learn more about what we do. 


Because we are the best company at reducing claim frequency, lowering severity of claims (when they do happen), and implementing a game plan that deals with risk proactively vs re-actively.


So, what are you waiting for now?




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